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September 24, 2017 Uncategorized
Writing a book series - cut the crap

How Satisfying is a Book Release!

Yesterday, my third book was released on Amazon.  this is NOT a call to buy it. I figure you either will or you wont.

I just wanted to share the awesome fulfillment you get when you receive that email from Amazon telling you that the book you worked your butt off to on time, has been launched.

This is only my third book release, and I hope the feeling doesn’t go away as more books are released.

The Alaskan Adventure is the title of the third book. It is a box set or compilation of my first two books. ‘Where the Mountains Kiss the Sun‘ and ‘From the Ocean to the Stream.’ Even though I didn’t have to write another 70,000 words to create the book, it still sits proudly on my author page on Amazon.

I still had to create the cover with as much love and attention as I did with the others. I still had to formulate a book description with the care and logical thinking that went into the others and I still had to format the manuscript with even more care and attention, to make sure the paperback has the correct pages on the right-hand side and that the reader experience is top quality.

There is a satisfaction that comes in the form when you invest energy into something and care for its perfection, and that’s the feeling I have right now as I type.

I know that this feeling won’t last and that it will be several months of writing before I have the feeling again if only I could bottle it.

I am currently working on a series of six books. The Stone Thriller series is set in the east end of London and Essex and if had to describe it in one sentence? ‘Jack Reacher meets Snatch.’ it has the hard and fast action of a Reacher novel and the main character is a cold-blooded perfectionist. The surrounding characters are a mix of cockney villains with the hard and fast dialogue that lends itself to the humourous¬†organized crime families of London’s east end.

The books will be released every 3-4 weeks starting in May 2018. I cannot wait for the feeling to return. Close to six months of the satisfying feeling of achievement as my little books sit proudly on display on my Amazon bookshelf.

If you are interested in finding out more about the books and finding out how you can receive the first book free. Just click here.



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