Stone Cold Thriller Series

stone cold thriller series

Stone Cold Thriller Series

Harvey Stone hunts his sister's killer.

But the truth is buried in his family's long criminal history.

Harvey must take on the rival Thomson family to reveal the secrets.

But the truth comes at a cost.
The killer hides in plain sight.
Revenge will set him on a new and unexpected path.

The Stone Cold Thriller Series.

Harvey is an extremely dangerous man who has spent his life honing his skills on known predators, and now the time has come to for him to complete his life's work, and move on to a more peaceful existence so the memory of his sister can rest in peace.

Set in the suburbs of east London, the Cartwright family, led by Harvey’s foster father, John Cartwright, rules the East London bar scene, which acts as a screen for the criminal activities that take place behind closed doors.

Harvey doesn’t get involved in the family business, he and his mentor, Julios, just take care of the dirty work as and when it’s needed.

The Cartwright family is preparing for a large diamond heist. The diamonds are being transported from Antwerp, purchased by the royal family, but the Cartwrights aren’t the only organized crime family that has their eyes on the royal jewels.

The Thomson family, led by Terry Thomson, are not only planning on doing the robbery but have also kidnapped Harvey’s latest target, Shaun Tyson, to do the risky work or be fed to Terry’s pet pigs.


The Stone Cold Thriller Series.

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The Stone Thriller Series will be released early 2018. why am I waiting so long?  Well, the last thing I want is for lovers of gritty crime thrillers to get stuck into the first book and then have to wait for the next one; that would just suck!

Don't run away just yet though, if you want the first book free,  just click here.

I'll send you the first book free as soon as it is complete (even before Amazon has seen it) plus you'll receive an email from me periodically telling you about the progress I'm making with the rest of the series.

I'll be offering people the chance to read them and critique them before they go live.

So what are you waiting for, click here and you'll get them all early!

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