Stone Raid

A pair of priceless but cursed diamonds. A brutal gang ran by evil twin brothers. And an ex-hitman who finds himself deep inside a Victorian legend.

When ex-hitman Harvey Stone prepares to emerge from a period of laying low, he stumbles into a cruel and twisted plot devised by evil twin brothers to bring together two cursed diamonds, and unleash hell in London.

But the deeper Harvey gets in the plot, the more twisted it becomes, and saving the diamonds and protecting the innocent becomes his toughest challenge yet.

Can Harvey bring down the evil twins and keep the diamonds separated? Can he keep the ones he cares for most safe from harm?

Find out in Stone Raid, the eighth book in the Stone Cold Thriller series

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The Stone Cold Thriller Series Box Set – Books 1-4


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The first four thrillers in the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series:

Stone Cold,

Stone Fury,

Stone Fall and

Stone Rage,

Plus two free novellas: Stone Breed and Stone Blood.

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