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Could you kill your own father to save your son?

One ex-con with unfinished business.
One small child with a gun to his head.
And a father who who'll do whatever it takes to keep them both alive.

When Frankie Black finds his estranged and convicted father, Isaac in his house he hears the news he's been dreading for years. 

But just when things couldn't possibly get any worse, his son, Jake is kidnapped and all he has to do to get his son back is to give up his father to a gangland criminal. 

Little do the criminals know, Frankie is a bounty hunter and finding people is his forte'. 

By Frankie's side is Penny, his faithful partner and his ex-special forces friend, Nigel. The scene is set. The clock is ticking. And blood will be be spilled.

Can Frankie beat the odds and get his father and son out alive? And can he take down the criminals ready to live another day?

Find out in Blood Lies, book one of the Frankie Black Files, the brand new crime thriller series from award-winning author, J.D.Weston. 

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John Weston was born in London, England, and is now enjoying the crystal clear waters and golden beaches of Dubai with his partner.

His writing is action-packed and fuelled by his passion for creative storytelling.

Best known for the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series, John seeks to shock and thrill readers with brutal and honest stories that keep the readers turning page after page; there's rarely a dull moment in any of the Stone Cold Thrillers.

When he is not writing, John is taking photographs, and enjoying the outdoors.

He craves a simple life.

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