If you enjoy authors like David Baldacci and characters like Atlee Pine or Amos Decker, look no further.

Frankie Black is an ex-British military officer. After being dishonourably discharged for a crime of the heart, Frankie is forced to find a new way in life for himself and his son by using the skills the military taught him to do so well.

Frankie Black has a unique set of skills.

Frankie Black finds people.

If you're a fan of David Baldacci, Stephen Leather or Lee Child, hit download now, sit back and hold on. You just found yourself a new hero.

An ancient ritual. A missing girl. A village where nothing is as it seems.

Ex-special forces operative, Frankie Black, finds people. It’s all he’s ever known and the one thing he’s good at. Lost in a cycle of grief over the death of his wife, the desire to fade away pulls at his very core.

The phone call to find Hope Gilmour stirs something inside him. Merely a distraction from his suffering or a shot at redemption? Surrounding himself with death will force him to deal with his loss… or break him in the process.

Hope Gilmour was born bad. Cruel blood runs through her veins and she is loathed even by those who should love her.

But when Hope falls prey to a mysterious group, she discovers that she must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the life of an innocent child.

With one last chance to redeem herself she must relive her terrible past and search for the kindness inside her. The trouble is, her ordeal only serves to enrage her darker side even more.

Bound with chains and blinded by darkness, she prepares for her fate, until a chance discovery changes everything - she’s not alone.

Can Frankie untangle the web of deceit that threatens an entire community and bring a killer to justice? Can he rescue Hope before she destroys herself and those closest to her? And will Frankie find the peace he craves in life or die trying?

Her Only Hope is the second book in the gripping and addictive crime thriller series, the Frankie Black Files. For fans of authors like David Baldacci, Stephen Leather and Lee Child.

If you enjoy the twists and turns of crime, the tight tension of thrillers and love to lose yourself in the minds and emotions of the darkest characters, then download Her Only Hope and meet Frankie Black now.

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John Weston was born in London, England, and is now enjoying the crystal clear waters and golden beaches of Dubai with his partner.

His writing is action-packed and fuelled by his passion for creative storytelling.

Best known for the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series, John seeks to shock and thrill readers with brutal and honest stories that keep the readers turning page after page; there's rarely a dull moment in any of the Stone Cold Thrillers.

When he is not writing, John is taking photographs, and enjoying the outdoors.

He craves a simple life.

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