Stone Blood

Three hitmen. Two gangs, and a bent cop.

Throw in a pair of stolen priceless statuettes and you have the making of a brutal yet hilarious novella.

This eBook is only available at the end of Stone Rage. It was written for Stone Cold fans as a thank you to their amazing support.

But, if you’ve read the first four books, then this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Get Stone Rage and complete the backstory with Stone Blood.

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Save money with the Stone Cold Box Set

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The Stone Cold Thriller Series Box Set – Books 1-4


Six books for $9.99

The first four thrillers in the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series:

Stone Cold,

Stone Fury,

Stone Fall and

Stone Rage,

Plus two free novellas: Stone Breed and Stone Blood.

Lose yourself in East London’s gritty underworld for just $9.99.