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Stone Cold

An ex-assassin on a mission. Innocent girls in danger. He’s about to cross another name off his hit list.

After years of killing for the wrong side of the law, ex-hitman Harvey Stone is finally putting his bloody skills to good use. While he’s not hunting down bad guys with his dark ops organized crime squad, he’s rounding up the men responsible for his sister’s murder. His team’s mission to retrieve twelve abducted girls gets personal when Stone realizes the ringleader has a prime spot on his revenge hit list.

But as his team digs deeper, he’s horrified to discover that the sex traffickers offer an even more brutal service to satisfy their clients’ darkest desires. With time running out, Harvey breaks off from his team to bring the criminal mastermind to swift justice. But without backup, one wrong move could end the mission, his quest for revenge, and his life…

Stone Fury is the second book in the captivating Stone Cold Thriller series. If you like twisted criminal organizations, unflinching action, and steel-nerved characters, then you’ll love J.D. Weston’s gritty tale of vengeance.

Buy Stone Fury and brace yourself for another adrenaline-fueled quest for revenge today.


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The Stone Cold Thriller Series Box Set – Books 1-4


Six books for $9.99

The first four thrillers in the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series:

Stone Cold,

Stone Fury,

Stone Fall and

Stone Rage,

Plus two free novellas: Stone Breed and Stone Blood.

Lose yourself in East London’s gritty underworld for just $9.99.