Europe's slave trade is alive. 

MI6 are falling down. 

Harvey Stone is caught in the middle.

Harvey yearns for the quiet life, but when a close friend is captured and tortured, and refugees are forced into slavery, Harvey is forced out of retirement.

Teased from a life of peace by his unending moral compass, Harvey travels to Athens to do whatever it takes to put a stop to the suffering. But it isn't long before he finds himself in the crossfire between a corrupted MI6 agent and the criminal mastermind.

If he fails, the refugees and the people he loves all face certain death. But to succeed, he'll need to face his toughest challenge yet. 

Can Harvey put a stop to the human traffickers and save the girls from a torturous death? Can he prevent the gang's devastating plans?

What readers say...

"Once I got started on the "Stone" books, I could NOT stop ~ had to see what happened next. Mr. Stone is a unique individual with a lot of heart and soul but never hesitates to protect the one he loves - whatever that requires. Lots of adventure and twists in Stone Rush - I have pre-ordered the next two and I know Mr. Weston will not disappoint."

"What a RUSH. I love my neighborhood resident bad/good guy. This story had a lot of twist and turns, steady paced action, revenge, and hero rescue. Strongly suggest you start the series from the beginning."

"Wow. Just when you think you've got Harvey pegged, just when you think 'dayum, he's not getting out of this one'.....ole Harve throws you a huge curve. Going right on to #7!"

Find out, in Stone Rush, the sixth book in the Stone Cold Thriller series.

Buy Stone Rush and lose yourself in the backstreets of Athens today.

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John Weston was born in London, England, and is now enjoying the crystal clear waters and golden beaches of Dubai with his partner.

His writing is action-packed and fuelled by his passion for creative storytelling.

Best known for the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series, John seeks to shock and thrill readers with brutal and honest stories that keep the readers turning page after page; there's rarely a dull moment in any of the Stone Cold Thrillers.

When he is not writing, John is taking photographs, and enjoying the outdoors.

He craves a simple life.

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