Black Blood

Could you kill your own father to save your son?

In this opening book, Frankie Black is placed in a position no man could ever dream of. With a gun to his father's head and his son on the brink of death, Frankie can only save one.

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Torn In Two

How bad could you be, if your life depended on it?

Emma Fletcher is a picture of perfection, carved from her mother's own misgivings. Home-schooled, clean and pure on the surface, Emma is admired by everyone who meets her. But when Emma is kidnapped on a family holiday, her captors force her to reveal her darker side. To survive her ordeal, Emma must forget the girl she used to be, discard her purity and embrace the terrible things her mother tried so hard to hidden. And when she does, she discovers she can have anything she desires.


Her Only Hope

When the door slams, everything you thought you knew is lost…

Hope Gilmour was born bad. There’s a darkness that runs through her and she is loathed by those who should love her. Falling prey to a mysterious group she is forced to relive her past in order to cleanse her soul. The trouble is, her ordeal only serves to enrage her darkness even more. In Darkness… in chains… she is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones she loves... Read more...

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