Stone Cold

Shame killed his sister. Gangsters buried his past. Now they’ll pay in blood.

Harvey Stone knows the murder business like the back of his hand. He's honed his skills on society's scum, and as the adopted son of a crime boss, he’s had plenty of time to perfect his bloody craft. Now, he’s one hit away from avenging his sister’s brutal murder. All he's missing is the name of her killer—a secret his closest allies are finally ready to reveal. Read more...

Stone Fury

An ex-assassin on a mission. Innocent girls in danger. He’s about to cross another name off his hit list.

After years of killing for the wrong side of the law, ex-hitman Harvey Stone is finally putting his bloody skills to good use. While he’s not hunting down bad guys with his dark ops organized crime squad, he’s rounding up the men responsible for his sister’s murder. His team’s mission to retrieve twelve abducted girls gets personal when Stone realizes the ringleader has a prime spot on his revenge hit list.


Stone Fall

A city under a terrorist attack. A child held hostage. Will one ex-hitman’s reckless plan blow them all to hell?

After ex-hitman Harvey Stone cut ties with East London’s criminal underworld, he swore he’d never blindly take orders again. When a terrorist attack interrupts his black ops’ robbery investigation, he refuses to follow his team's command to stick to the job. Stone sneaks off the case to track down the terrorist bomber who plans to murder his young hostage as a warm-up for a fiery finale that will reduce all of London to ash.


Stone Rage

London crime is alive. Three gangs, two arch enemies, and a hitman come to blows in a brutal gangland war that rocks London's east end.

When Harvey Stone is sent undercover to investigate a turf war between the Albanian mafia and two of London's notorious gangs, nobody expected him to be welcomed like a hero.

Has Harvey finally slipped into his old ways, or will he bring the carnage and bloodshed to a stop?


Stone Free

Murder by internet. A mind-blowing masterplan, where death holds all the cards.

Harvey Stone plays guardian angel on international soil when two governments prepare to do battle, and the lives of innocent people are at stake.

When Harvey's fiance, Melody, is sent to Dubai on a covert mission to rescue a mother and child from a twisted criminal who is hell bent on seeing a senior member of MI6 commit suicide live on the internet, she soon finds herself at the mercy of the cruel villain.


Stone Rush

Europe's slave trade is alive. MI-6 are falling down. Harvey Stone is caught in the middle.

Harvey yearns for the quiet life, but when a close friend is captured and tortured, and refugees are forced into slavery, Harvey is forced out of retirement.

Teased from a life of peace by his unending moral compass, Harvey travels to Athens to do whatever it takes to put a stop to the suffering. But it isn't long before he finds himself in the crossfire between a corrupted MI6 agent and the criminal mastermind. Read more...

Stone Game

History repeats itself. A killer runs wild. An old enemy raises the stakes. 

Memories of Harvey Stone's past kills return to haunt his new found freedom. A trail of twisted murders, a web of deceit, and and blood-stained dreams cause even Harvey to doubt his own sanity. But as the body count grows and the past become reality, the hunter becomes the hunted. Read more...


Stone Raid

One pair of priceless diamonds. Two brothers set on unleashing hell, and a Victorian curse that has laid dormant for a hundred years.

When ex-hitman Harvey Stone prepares to emerge from a period of laying low, he stumbles into a cruel and twisted plot devised by evil twin brothers to steal two ancient cursed diamonds from London's Natural History Museum. But the deeper Harvey delves into the plot, the more twisted the brothers become, and saving the diamonds becomes his toughest challenge yet. Read more...

Stone Deep

An ancient Spanish legacy. A shocking explosion in the City of London. And an ex-hitman fueled by revenge. 

When ex-hitman, Harvey Stone is asked by an art collector, Smokey the Jew, to kidnap a member of a rival gang and extract details of a heist, little did he know the move would open the doors of hell and endanger everyone he cares for.

Can Harvey survive the criminal’s devious plans, and can he find retribution for his lost love? Read more...

Stone Fist

Two East London gangs. One ex-hitman clinging to the past, and a brutal fight to the death.

When ex-hitman Harvey Stone visits London to attend the wedding of one of his closest allies, he plans a visit to the grave of his long-dead mentor, Julios. But little does Harvey know that the trip will uncover a secret that will change his life forever and open doors to Harvey's past that have never before been revealed. But to forge an allegiance with a blast from Harvey's past he must first deal with a brutal death match between two rival gangs that threatens to wipe history from the face of the earth before it's even exposed.

Stone Fist is the tenth book in the explosive Stone Cold Thriller series.



Stone Army

One criminal mastermind armed with a deadly superdrug.
One test subject running for her life.
And an ex-hitman with nothing to lose, who's mad as hell.

When four armed men leap from a helicopter to question Harvey Stone about a missing girl, little do they know they picked the wrong man to start a fight with.

But when a leading scientist is found dead and the missing girl arrives on Harvey's doorstep, a sequence of events unfolds that push the boundaries of human performance to deadly limits. Read more...



Stone Face

One night. One city. One killer.

Retirement doesn't come easy for Harvey Stone. Seeking a quiet corner to enjoy some well-earned peace, Harvey returns to his roots to settle down in London.

Ex-convict, Lucas Hoffman has a list of every man whoever wronged him and his beloved brother, Herman, and he'll stop at nothing to cross every name on that list.

Can Harvey stop the deadly plot? Or will his name go down history as the killer who brought London to its knees?



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Follow Harvey's story from London hit man, to undercover MI6 operative, to crime-fighting vigilante.

Get inside the minds of serial killers, terrorists, armed robbers and criminals of all walks of life and watch how Harvey Stone, London's most-feared hit man takes them on one by one.

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