Torn In Two  - Book One in the Frankie Black Files

If you enjoy authors like Lee Child and characters like Jack Reacher, you have struck gold.

Frankie Black is ex-British Special Forces. Dishonourably discharged for a crime he did commit, Frankie is forced to carve a new life for himself and his son by using the skills the military taught him to do so well.

Frankie Black finds people.

If you're a fan of Lee Child, Stephen Leather or David Baldacci, hit download now and sit back. You just found yourself a new brand new crime series to follow.

How bad could you be, if your life depended on it?

Emma Fletcher is a picture of perfection, carved from her mother's own misgivings. Home-schooled, clean and pure on the surface, Emma is admired by everyone who meets her.

But when Emma is kidnapped on a family holiday, her captors force her to reveal her darker side. To survive her ordeal, Emma must forget the girl she used to be, discard her purity and embrace the terrible things her mother tried so hard to hidden. And when she does, she discovers she can have anything she desires.

Frankie Black is a grieving widow and a single father struggling to raise his son, Jake. He earns his keep by doing the only thing he knows how, finding people.

But the call to find Emma Fletcher could not have come at a worse time. Only days away from entering a custody battle over Jake, Frankie is forced to confess his mystery vocation and is given an ultimatum, find Emma, prove he has what it takes to be a father, or lose Jake.

Can Frankie unravel a tangled web of deceit, where small town villains rule the roost and family friends muddy the waters? Can he find Emma before her darkest desires lead her on a path from which she can never return? And can Frankie prove that he has what it takes to be a father?

Torn in Two is the first book in the gripping and terrifying, Frankie Black Files. For fans of Lee Child, Stephen Leather and David Baldacci.

If you enjoy the twists and turns of mysteries, the drama and tension of psychological thrillers and love to lose yourself in the minds and emotions of the darkest characters, then download Torn in Two and meet Frankie Black now.

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British Crime Writer, J.D. Weston was born in London, England, and after a decade in Dubai, is now enjoying the British countryside with his wife and dog. His writing is action-packed and fuelled by his passion for creative storytelling. Best known for the hugely successful Stone Cold Thriller series, John seeks to shock and thrill readers with brutal and honest stories that keep the readers turning page after page; there's rarely a dull moment in any of the Stone Cold Thrillers. When he is not writing, John is taking photographs, and enjoying the outdoors. He craves a simple life.

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